Monday, April 3, 2017

Rippa Rugby Central Campions

The Mighty Waikowhai 1 and Waikowhai 2 went to the Central Rippa competition run by Auckland Rugby. Their were 26 teams involved and we played at Cox's Bay reserve in Auckland. Unfortunately Waikowhai 2 were eliminated in the quarter finals but we were all so proud of them for the amazing efforts they put in. However our Waikowhai 1 team played amazingly well and won the whole competition for the first time in the school's history. They showcased their outstanding skills and team work throughout the day and were thoroughly deserving of their tile win. The most exciting news is that their amazing run is not yet over and now we get to go to Eden Park and play for Auckland Champions. GOOOOOOOOOOO WAIKOWHAI !!!  Congratulations to Max, Hame, Conroy, Nevaeh, Skye and Shiya from Room 7 who were involved.  Here is a Video of our day and our apologies for the poor picture quality the file was to big.   


  1. Hi Mr Ross it Hame I like that video because that what I love to play and I like playing with friend and my brothers and sisters and my parents. and I hope Waikowhai Primary school wins the Auckland championship.

  2. WOW huge congratulations team! What an achievement and how exciting that you will get to play at Eden Park! You must all be very proud of yourselves. Thanks for sharing your exciting news with some photos and a video clip on your blog. What date is your game at Eden Park?

  3. Wow Congrats Waikowhai! I liked that video because I love Rippa

    Kind Regards

  4. Hi Brock here. I like the video. The song was good and I like the graphics.
    chek my blog out

  5. hey i'am rhain and congrats Waikowhai and wow I'like your song its awesome

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