Monday, June 5, 2017

Our Environment.

Welcome Bloggers!! This week the newly named but still mighty Waitemata (Room 7) have been very excited to have the opportunity to combine Drama, Technology and Inquiry all into one. For our Inquiry we have been learning all about our environment and whats been happing in it. We also this year have been doing Drama. So we thought why not do both and use technology as a medium to show it. For the first time also we got to use the green screen in our new classroom that we were super exited about. Below is the movie we came up with. We hope you like it and please feel free to comment.  


  1. Hi Room 7
    Me and Aletheia really love the way you talked about your environment for your inquiry.I really loved the way you guys used technology as a medium to show it and I really like the way you guys used a green screen in your new classroom.

  2. Hi Room 7,
    What I liked about your video is that you guys are talking about pollution and climate change. But what you guys should work on next time is that you guys should remember your lines before you guys record yourselves.

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  5. Hi Rm7
    Great video we have also been learning about pollution. There is one thing that I didn't enjoy about you video which was that I couldn't really hear you so next time please speak up.

  6. Hi Room 7,
    My name is Toma I go to T.P.S I really like the way you guys are talking about pollution and not cutting down trees. Keep up the good work. :)

  7. Hi Room 7!
    Wonderful video you have there! It's so great that you guys have been learning about Pollution! Room 9 has also been learning about Pollution last term, Now I have learned so much information about Pollution from your video! Also I loved your guys acting and voice too! Keep Up The Great Effort Room 7!

    Kind Regards,
    Akanesi from Tamaki Primary School

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  9. Hi Room 7,
    I really like the way your class have been learning about pollution. The is a very creative idea keep up the good work.

  10. Hi Room 7 I am Helen from Tamaki Primary School,

    I really liked the way you explain why we should care for our environment for the future, What I enjoyed from the video you guys made is that you actually described what we should do and what we should not do to our environment. I really liked the way you were all confident and positive with what you are saying. I have 2 question for you, How do we take care of our environment? What do we do to keep our environment safe and healthy?

    I really enjoyed your video. Keep up the great work.

  11. Wow! Just hearing the idea of combining your Inquiry, Technology, & Drama was a creative idea! In your opinion (Room 7), how do you think all 3 of these different topics, or subjects relate or link to each other? Well, sorry so much for "introducing myself", but my name is Losana, and I am a year 8 student who attends TPS! I love this idea.. and keep it up!

  12. Hi Room 7.
    My name is Faith and I am from Tamaki primary school and I loved the video that you have made to let others know what is happening to our plants and how you showed us what would happen if we all cut down the trees.

    What I really loved about your video??
    I loved the way when guys had your own parts to say in the video and how you guys where doing some wonderful action with confident.

    What I think you should work on next time??
    I think next time you guys should practices you line for the movie so you can speak with confident.

  13. Kia Ora Room 7 What I liked about your video is that you guys are talking about pollution and climate change. I agree Donald Trump is a fool. I really like your movie maybe you could make another one but longer.

  14. Hi my name is rhumour and I was impressed by the way you had the green screen. At all the backgrounds and I really like that you combined the two together because I think it is really clever. telling us what we are doing bad and what we can do to fix it.

    Kind regards Rhumour

  15. Hey guys, Riley here!

    I really like how you put backgrounds for what you were talking about.I really have no problem with this its an amazing persuasive video.

  16. Sam
    I love the the background animation
    It is just hard to hear you.
    Apart from that it is cool.

  17. Nature doesn't need people BUT people need nature - WOW so true! I love the way you have shared your learning in a really creative way and blended a strong message through drama and technology. Your green screen effects are fantastic. You are so right, we need to work hard on being kind to our planet for the future. What are some of the things you are doing at school and home to look after our planet?

  18. hi room 7 it reegan for gleavon school i relly ilke the way you did at video will me in it was fun in the new claas
    #cool room hi mr roos and room 7

  19. Hi Room 7, I'm Matrix from Park Estate School in Papakura I really liked the backdrop of this video it is just really hard to hear but apart from that it was very awesome good job!

  20. WOOOOW Hi My Name is Iutasi from Park Estate School,i really like the way yous guys done the background it was awesome i didn't really but that was awsome.

    Kind regards:Iutasi

  21. Hi my name is Luke i really like the background you guys did a perfect job.


  22. hi my name is marsh the you are your

  23. Hey My name Is Johann From Park Estate School I was impressed By your technology video Because I really like Technology next Time Add a better audio so I can Hear you beautiful voices.

  24. Hey My name is Marsh I from park Estate Shcool I impressed By your technololgy video
    From Marsh

  25. Hi my name is James i am form park estate and i like your video

  26. Hi my name is Jody i am from park estate school i was impressed by your technology video because i really like playing with technology

    kind regards form Jody.

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