Monday, October 17, 2016

Where Room 7 were born

Today James taught us how to use google maps to map out different types of information. Today we were mapping out where in the world each member of our class was born. Firstly had to collect our data, we did this by inputting all of our information onto a shared doc. As it turned out a lot of the members from Room 7 were born in Auckland Hospital but we do have some members that were born all over the world which is so cool. Below you can see just where everyone was born. Hope you enjoy and feel free to leave us a comment. 


  1. Kia ora Room 7 Im Anna from Grey Main School well done on your work I think its pretty interesting I know that I was born in the Grey mouth hospital. and my friends were born in different places too. did you enjoy working on that? See you next time Anna.

  2. I liked it but u could write the name of the kid that was born there like in Tonga and Malaysia.

  3. Love How you mapped out where everyone is to show us all the cool places! Maybe next time you could add and tag their names so we can see who and know more about them!?

  4. kia ora room 7
    my name is Trinatee I'm in room 11 at park estate school its interesting to know were your from because some people were born in Malaysia or NZ or other places.
    kind regards Trinatee

  5. Hi My name is Rhumour and I am from Park Estate school Im in room 11 I was impressed by the way you could google maps or maps on your blog and put a dot where you were born I was born in Papakura hospital Next time you could add a little more information

  6. Hi room 7 my name is kelly I'm a student from park estate school I'm impressed by your map because i born in Auckland. next time you could add something.

    kind regards

  7. Hi my name is Rhumour and i am room 11, and I am from park Estate school and I was impressed by the way you put google maps on your blog. But next time you could add more information but I love this blog post

    Kind regards Rhumour