Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Muriwai School Camp

WOW, what a week that was! Rooms Seven, Eight and Nine went on a fabulous, back to basics, old school camp out at Muriwai beach last week.  The aim of our camp was to be pushed outside our comfort zones and challenge ourselves away from the classroom setting. BOY OH BOY, did we do this. We pushed ourselves in ways that we had never done before with the most exciting thing being, no matter how hard it got we never gave up and we achieved things that we never thought we could. We got pelted by rain, covered in mud, blown off track, had wobbly legs, walked in the dark and you know what the best part of it all was. WE LOVED EVERY MINUTE.

Comments from the kids!

I thought camp was fantastic, at first i was so nervous to go but it was just so much fun. - Stevie-Lee

This week at camp i felt so happy and proud of myself because i didn't really want to go to camp at first. However during camp i just felt so amazing and had the time of my life. Woo Hoo - Claire


  1. I really like your blog Room 7 but,the one I most like is the camp one because everything thing you said was true,you added a lot of pictures and the last thing that you said was the most honest we did love every minute of it.

  2. "I love your pictures. We want to see more please!" said Kowhai (Room 11)

  3. Hi Lara from Grey Main school
    It looks like you had a fun time on camp
    maybe next you could put some more detail about where you went to
    and did you like it.
    Here is a question
    was it fun?

  4. Hi Room 7,
    These photos and your thoughts show what an amazing time we had at camp. Thank you for sharing and for being such awesome Waikowhai Kids willing to give things a go. What were your favourite parts of camp? Mine was definitely seeing you challenge yourselves on the confidence course.
    Looking forward to seeing more of what you have been up to.
    Mr Riceman

  5. Yes we did love every minute! It was a fabulous trip R7 - I wonder, what will be the things you most remember about it when you are old? Might it be the beautiful walks in the native bush? Or the fun you had in your rooms? Or the confidence course? For me, it will be the amazing attitudes that you demonstrated when we set you yet another challenge. Way to go Waikowhai - it was a wonderful camp, made even more wonderful because of who you are.

  6. cool photo room 7 from kruze hall

  7. Hi Room 7 I'm Lara
    I like how you told me lots about your camp
    maybe next time you could tell me where you went and what you did
    But room 7 it looks like you had a fun time.
    Thanks Lara

  8. Namaste room7 its conroy I loved our blog our six word sentences and wheels day and camp photos. The blogs going very well so far mr ross. Thankyou for making the class blog.

  9. Hi my name is Kash I like your hut it is cool you are so lucky you guys get to bild a hut

  10. Hi Room 7:)) Wow! Camping at Muriwai looks like so much fun! Love the photos:)) I also bet it was heaps of fun with Mr Ross! Camp is a great time to be with friends, make new friends, have fun and learn some great stuff about yourselves, like giving things a go even if they seem a bit scary! School camps are some of the best times when you are at school and you will remember this one in many years to come, even when you are really old like me:))) Awesome stuff Room 7!!

  11. HI my name is kade that looks likes fun camp

  12. Wow this is a great blog post,
    I hope you do more blog post like this.
    I hope you had a wonderful trip.

    Kind Regards Roman

  13. Wow, this is an amazing blog post about camp.
    I hope you had lots of fun while at camp.
    Our School went to M.E.R.C Camp. I had lots of fun at camp.

    Kind Regards Roman

  14. Hi Room 7 Im Toby from Room 9 what was it like when you went on the trip did you have fun what was your favourite part on the trip