Wednesday, April 26, 2017


For our Kiwi Sport activity this Term we have been learning all about the wonderful game of Badminton.  Our Awesome teacher Daniel has been teaching us all sorts of techniques and terminology around Badminton. We learnt different ways to hold our racket so we can hit a backhand or forehand correctly. Boy oh Boy did we get good at hitting that shuttlecock, although it did take us a while to get use to. It's so much harder than hitting a tennis ball thats for sure.  Here is a video and some photos of us in action. Hope you enjoy and Blog you later.



  1. HI room 7 It is Richard here. I really like that your learning new sports. I remember when I started play badminton. Next time you could post an other one on how good you are now.
    From Richard

  2. Hi room 7 i'm Iutasi from Park Estate School,i was impressed from your guys blog about sport i really enjoyed it because it was interesting.

    Kind regards:iutasi

  3. Hi room 7 my name is Mana at park estate school I like your photo and video it is amazing.

    kind regards Mana

  4. Hi room 7 My name is Johann.
    I'm from park estate In room 11.
    I really like your badminton poster.
    Next time could you add a bit more pictures?

  5. Hi there Waitemata , my name is Ashana and I am a student in Te Wako Ako at Waikowhai Primary School. I really like that you have put lots of information to make it interesting.It reminded me of when room 8 first started badminton. Have you thought about making a video of some people doing some badminton skills?. If you would like to see my learning, my blog is

  6. Hello Waikowhai, Jessie here i like the look of your spots topic we have PE at our school. heres my blog:

  7. Hello my name is Mana at Park Estate School I very like your video it is amazing and the picture of the penguin it is cool and colour full

    kind Regared mana

  8. Hello Room 7 my names is Manawaroa at park estate school I very like your video and your penguin it is colorful. At the end of the video that girl have her hard on her hip and she tune her hard the other way

    kind Regard Manawaroa

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