Monday, March 28, 2016

Room 7's Descriptive Writing

So far this term the might Room 7 have been doing some outstanding work around descriptive writing. What we have been learning about and our  primary focus during our descriptive writing is to describe a person, place or thing in such a way that a fantastic and moving picture is formed in the reader's mind. 

We would like to share with you all some of the work we have been doing. 

Screenshot 2016-02-23 at 12.11.04.png

The Wild horse By Kiana

Wild horse running through blazing winds, hurricanes and crackling thunder. She was running  fast with terrifying thoughts running through her head.

Wild horse black hair is just like a beautiful river going past the mountains. Her tail is like seaweed flowing in the ocean.

Jumping higher than kangaroo on a burning hot day . As the night goes cold she runs fast as she can to get back home. 

The Wild Stallion By Caitlin

The wild horse galloping in the long grass, its freedom out in the open with strong winds and hurricanes...

Flowing dark mane flies through the air. It's dark chocolate coat shines in the sun like a house burning in a blaze. As its mighty hooves touch the ground it startled its self and runs to finds a cool river to rest by.

Trotting into the mist while the leaves blow around in the breeze. Running around  it finds a little spider and jumps as the spider lands softly on its wet nose…

The Pétanque Trip By Hame

Being squashed in a van was like a wallaby getting smashed by the beast called Jonah Lomu.  The van speeding through the cars it felt like a Bugatti drifting.  
Skidding to a stop with grey, blue smoke all over the place.

Heavy rain falling down on the stoney rocks. The smashing cracking noise as the silver ball hits the ground. Nervously i float a ball up the thick black sky.  

Our class Assembly

Big empty space, getting filled class by class. Kids whispering to each other just  like the Warriors fans after a big loss. All of the kids staring at me just like in WWE when the Big Show vs The Beast.

My hands were sweating just like rain falling from the big thundering sky. Lucky that my mum and dad did not come because i would be more terrified.

By Pila

Rubber smashing the floor like a t-rex hunting.Shhhh the angry teachers yelling at the children. Room 7’s assembly is about to begin.

My tummy was moving faster than a cheetah, which gave butterflies in my stomach. I was shaking like a shark before i got up talk to the school
By Reegan


  1. Great descriptive writing R7! It's been wonderful to have invitations to view your work through your googledrives too - thank you. I'm not sure that I drive the van quite like that to Petanque though Hame...thank goodness you are exaggerating for the benefit of your writing. ;-)
    I'm looking forward to seeing more of your fantastic work as the year goes on R7, keep on being creative.

  2. hello room 7 way what a blog you have I like your pitures and your writing about a house and what a start to the term and year

  3. Well done all this writing is so amzing and i like caitlin's opening!


  4. hello room 7 I really like your work it has a lot of detail . :)