Friday, September 8, 2017

Our camp journey

Hi, Bloggers last week we went on a ski trip for four days. We stayed at the national park hotel and got served some DELICIOUS  dinner  and pudding. On our journey MT  RUAPEHU we stopped at different  places like, Hamilton gardens , Otorohanga walk way.  At Hamilton gardens we did a scavenger hunt all around the gardens to find specific photos that Ms Sands had taken. It was so much Fun and Hamilton Gardens is an amazing place to visit. We stopped at Tamarnui Primary School for afternoon tea and to stretch our leg and for a play. When we reached our accommodation we had free time in our rooms sorting out our gear. That night we went for a walk in the dark to a nearby park. The next day was the most exciting of all we finally got to head up to the mountain and see the SNOW.  Up on the mountain we were dived into skiing and snowboarding groups to get started and get our boards and ski's but MAN was the gear difficult to put on so hard getting our feet into the boots. But after that, the real fun started.

Up on the mountain one the first and second day, we all got ski or snow boarding lessons. These were super useful as it taught us how to stop in the snow and how to turn and avoid people so we didn't get hurt. The first day on the snow was the most difficult because we were on our bottoms a lot and we had to keep picking ourselves up all the time. But we all should so much resilience and determination not to give up and keep trying until we got the hang of it. The best news is by the end of the first day most of us were able to ski from the top the the bottom of the mountain without falling over quiet as much and by day two we all had it nailed and were like Olympic athletes Haha. 

We have so much more news to share but we think its better if you the fantastic bloggers ask us questions. Ask us questions that you would like to find out about our awesome trip.  Below is a slideshow of some of the photos of our trip.


  1. Hi Room 7, it's Bruno. I really liked your blog post and video about our adventure to Mt Ruapehu. That was so fun. It made me think of skiing really fast down Happy Valley and having races with my friends. Maybe you could a couple more photos of the trip next time also thanks for featuring me in one of your photos Conroy and Hame. Bye for now it was a privilege to read your blog post.

  2. Talofa Lava Room 7, It's Antonio from Room 9. I really like how you took one of your students wevideos and shared it to the world on your blog. And I really liked how you explained what you did at camp. This makes me think of when I fell down at camp when we were skiing, and it makes me think of when we went for lessons. For advice I think you could maybe add some pictures to look at, but having an awesome video and three paragraphs is awesome. If you like, you can check out my blog See ya later.

  3. Hi my name is Carlos i am from park estate school we went to camp last year but we did not go to the snow you are very lucky!! hop fully we go to camp this year.

  4. Hi Room 7,

    I really like how you explained and showed what your trip to camp. It looked like fun, I wish our school went there We really want to experience what it would be like to feel snow.

    Kind regards

    Rhumour and Riley

  5. hello my name is Mana at park estate school am in ll I very like your video It very cool and long were did you guy go at the end of the video.

    Kind Regrdes Mana

  6. hi my name is sam i like your video it look fun going snowboarding
    and the story i hope you make anther cool video and story
    kind regards sam

  7. Hi my name is shushant and I really like your video and was is fun at the camp.kind regards shushant


  8. Hey, my name is
    Hetvi from New Windsor school.
    I like the video you have make I think it looks pretty cool.
    That reminded me of year 5 camp except we went to camp Morley instead.
    What years went to the camp?