Tuesday, October 25, 2016

How far have Waikowhai Students travelled?

Cybersmart with James this week required us to think deeply about how the population of our country and our school is made up. We are so lucky here at Waikowhai Primary to have such diverse students and teachers. We think that this makes our school so special.

To go with our Maps James also asked us some questions to make us think even deeper about our learning. Does your way of thinking match with ours?
How far have some students travelled in their lifetime to reach WPS?
Faihdi for example has traveled over 9000km to come to the wonderful Room 7. However most of the students in our class was born here in Auckland. What if we asked the same question about our parents would we get the same answers?

Why do people make the choice to move to different countries?

There are many many reasons for people to move to different countries. War, Quality of life, Family, Money, Work, plus so many more.

Is this a trend in NZ society? What does the media tell us?

If we listened to Media reports NZ is being taken over by immigrants. However is this true if you didn't live in Auckland???? Is Immigration a bad thing if there was no immigration would Room 7 be as mixed and amazing as it is?

We would also like to share with you a video that we believe ties in well with the topic we have been learning about. Its a very emotional video that really makes up think. We hope that you watch it and share your thoughts with us.

Room 7

The Lie from Untitled Productions on Vimeo.

Monday, October 17, 2016

Where Room 7 were born

Today James taught us how to use google maps to map out different types of information. Today we were mapping out where in the world each member of our class was born. Firstly had to collect our data, we did this by inputting all of our information onto a shared doc. As it turned out a lot of the members from Room 7 were born in Auckland Hospital but we do have some members that were born all over the world which is so cool. Below you can see just where everyone was born. Hope you enjoy and feel free to leave us a comment.