Wednesday, September 21, 2016


In Room 7 and throughout Waikowhai Primary RESPECT for ourselves and others is such an important learning. We have been learning about what it takes to have respect for not only ourselves but others as well. We brainstormed and noted words and phrases of ways that we can show respect in our everyday lives.  What we need to do next was find a interesting medium that could get our message across and make everyone sit up and listen. So we made a RAP!  We even mixed our own music how good are we!!

Below is a video of us performing our Rap and you'll also find the words! we hope you love it as much as us. Feel free to leave a comment!

The Famous Waikowhai Art Show

It is that time of the year again when us kids at Waikowhai Primary get out creative juices flowing to produce fabulous pieces of art to go on display for our parents and community to come and view. This year Room 7 decided that we would really push ourselves and create some 3D clay sculptures. We also as a class had to come up with a theme to go with out Art so we decided to go with MYTHICAL CREATURES.  Because we knew working with clay was never going to be easy we had to stay really focused and have a good plan of what we had to do so we would get a really good end result. Firstly we had to sketch out and draw what we wanted our creature to look like. Then we used play dough to mould our 3D shape so if we made a mistake we could fix. Next step for sure was the most fun. We got to play with and mould the sticky, slimy clay into what we wanted our Mythical Creatures to look like. We also got to get our hands and some of us not naming names ;-) got our cloths really dirty which was so fun. Firing the clay in the kiln was the next step that had to be done because this was to make the clay rock hard and able to be painted. Unfortunately some of our creatures arms or legs did not survive this part of the process but because we are super talented we made it work.  Then all we had to do was paint our creatures with the colours that we wanted to make them stand out in the crowd.

Room 7 being as hard working as we are were not satisfied with just creating 3D clay work so we pushed ourselves even more and created a story about our Mythical Creature on google slides. We did this so our parents knew some background about were and why our creatures came about. But how were we going to be able to show our google slides without printing them off? It was alright as we had this covered as well. We created QR codes that could sit along side our work. Pretty talented we reckon.

Below are some photos and slides about the journey we went on to create our awesome creations. Hope you enjoy if you would like to see more of the finished products click on our individual learning blogs to the right. Also feel free to comment as we love your comments.

Room 7

Our Planning
Our planning
Before the Kiln 

Before the Kiln

Our finished product

Our Outstanding Book Trailers

This term the very talented Room 7 decided that we would like to encourage more reading within our school. So as a class we thought long and hard and brain stormed ideas of ways that we could get the whole school reading. What we came up with was that we have such amazing books in our schools library that we need to advertise these more and what better way to do this than to make book trailers.

So Mr Ross set everyone in the class a task of over a week long period to complete one reading book from our library that we would enjoy reading and could advertise to the school. Our next step was to compile a load of photos that we found on the internet that match the story we painted in our heads from the book and that could also tell our story without giving to much away.  After this the real fun began we got to go onto Imovie and select a trailer theme that matched our story. There we so many themes to pick from there was adventure, scary, teen, adrenaline plus so many more. Then the most complicated part of the book trailer was left till last. We had to sequence all our pictures we gathered together and add really good descriptive language to give our audience a little taste of what our books are about without giving any of the important parts of the story away.  Below are just a couple of examples of some of the book trailers we made. If you would like to see more of our book trailers then check out our individual learning blogs found to the right of this page. Enjoy and feel free to leave a comment. 

Room 7