Tuesday, August 1, 2017


To kick start a very busy term three Te Waka Ako have been getting creative. We have been creating the sounds of sweet sweet music (and some not so sweet sweet music) whist looking at how we can connect our bodies through music.  For our Music and Dance unit this term we have been starting to look at Music and what influence music has over us. For our first and second dance and music sessions we have been looking at how we can use our bodies to create different shapes and forms as well as making music that enhances and creates a certain type of mood. Below are just a couple of videos of the awesome work we have created thus far. Please feel free to comment and tell us what you think.  


  1. Hi Room 7, I really love your blog post about music. I have to say that doing music in this big space is so much fun it really noisy but so much fun. Come look at my blog
    Click here.

  2. Hello Room 7 I'm Ethan and I really liked your blog about music.
    Just by looking at your blog I can tell your really loved your music and i love that.

    kind regards

  3. hey room7 rhain here and i love your video and I love the song that i ear i realy love your song guys i wish i'm like you guys

  4. hi my name is angel and i am from parkestate school like how you have done heaps of fantastic videos but maybe next time you can make the before you click it to watch it maybe you can make that more non bleary thanks.

    kind regards Angel :)

  5. Hey Waitemata, my name is Dorothy and I am in Manukau. I really admire your creativity. You used your body in different ways to create the word 'WORK'. Make sure you read over your writing. Was it hard trying to make the letters? Thank you so much for sharing your work. I would love it if you checked out my blog at

  6. Great to see you putting work on your blog to share with everyone. Remember to tell everyone what you were learning. These were some words from a book you read that were a bit tricky and you had to put them into a sentence that makes sense. Which you did which is awesome. Keep working hard. Ka Pai !

  7. Hello room 7. You guys are good at making letters with your whole body. I'm commenting Mr Ross I'm commenting. Do you you know how to make a A with your body? Do you know how to make a N with your body.
    Good morning

    Blog ya later